Bitcoin Regulation Doesn’t Matter. Andreas Antonopoulos

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Doesn't sound so good.

They are surrounded by a thicket of regulations and these regulations are not about consumer protection.

Step 25: Select 'reason' you use Bitcoin (doesn't matter).

Bitcoin Regulation doesn't matter. Andreas AntonopoulosIt took the EU Parliament about five years to take similar regulatory step, partly.

the regulatory uncertainty, this article raises the three key questions: Doesn't the.

to fit cryptocurrencies within the known categories of regulated subject matters in.

86Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Mastering Bitcoin (O'Reilly Media Inc. 2015) 3.

will investigate Bitcoin's major challenges such as regulation, trust, and.

ceived (see also 4.1.1), as Bitcoin advocate Andreas Antonopoulos (2014).

is more effective, because no bank or even consortium, no matter how capable.

actually the end user probably doesn't realise that they getting paid by a Blockchain.

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